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About this Site

Lady’s Computer is a humble home for my various digital creations on the internet. The name began as a joke/reference to the early Pokémon games, when the in‐universe cloud storage for Pokémon was literally called “Someone’s P·C”. You could, of course, also log into Prof Oak’s P·C to get your Pokédex evaluated, or log into your home P·C to access your storage. This site is like the last of those: It’s remote storage for my various files and digital clutter that you can log into from the internet. It’s designed and organized the way I would like to use it, and I hope that in your time here some of that personality shines through.

If you’re technically‐minded, I have a growing number of modules, scripts, and other code available on the Gitweb instance attached to this site. Otherwise, I have a blog which may interest you. More functionality will probably be added to this site over time!

About Lady

I’m a writer who got into programming because she wanted to publish her stories on the internet, and who got good at programming because she spent way too much time conlanging when she was in college and needed tools for dealing with that. I’m a fan of Nintendo games and have been known to write fanfiction about them. I’m also a dyke and a Gender Studies major, so I’m not one to shy away from speaking openly and frankly about sexuality.

If you want to contact me, I am @·able over on the (Mastodon‐compatible) fediverse @Lady@cat.family, where I mostly yell about pornography in Zelda fanfiction. You can also send me a message via electronic mail; my name is lady and my website is ladys.computer, so I’m sure you can figure the rest out.